About - Southern Glimpse


We offer Southern Glimpse accents for your home!

Southern Glimpse is a southern inspired, home decor boutique.  Our goal is to deliver quality products that add character and uniqueness to every home.

Southern Glimpse was founded and is owned by Christine, who discovered a love for building when she joined her father at their cabinet company.  While developing many woodworking skills within the cabinet company, Christine used the advantage of her skill set to create home furnishings for her own home.  What started out as a solution for furniture at low cost, developed into a hobby.  Christine has a passion for one-of-a-kind items that is illustrated throughout the store.  Quality is everything; and that's all each customer will find when shopping at Southern Glimpse.

We appreciate you for taking the time in visiting our store.  We hope to see y'all again soon.  God bless.

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